PDC – Post Discharge Care

A comprehensive solution for healthcare providers looking tostreamline their post-dischargefollow-up process and improvepatient outcomes.

Give the Care that Continues....

Application automates the follow-up process, reducing the burden on healthcare providers and ensuring that patients receive timely and appropriate care. Send automated reminders to patients, ensuring that they attend their appointments and take their medication as prescribed.

PDC application allows healthcare providers to create and track personalized care plans for each patient, ensuring that patients receive the appropriate level of care and support. Symptoms tracker offers customizable templates for follow-up appointments, making it easy for healthcare providers to create follow-up plans that are tailored to each patient’s specific needs.

Our application provides detailed analytics on patient outcomes, allowing healthcare providers to identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions. Increases NPS score significantly.

Features of Post Discharge Care

By ensuring that patients receive timely follow-up care and adhere to their treatment plans, hospitals can expect to see improved patient outcomes. This can result in reduced readmissions, complications, and overall better health for their patients.The data analytics provided by our application enable hospitals to gain valuable insights into patient outcomes, care plan effectiveness, and areas for improvement. These insights can inform decision-making, quality improvement initiatives, and resource allocation strategies.

Many healthcare regulations and quality standards emphasize the importance of post-discharge follow-up care. Using our application can help hospitals meet these requirements and maintain compliance with regulatory bodies, reducing the risk of penalties or legal issues.Hospitals can use the data and insights from our application to plan for future resource needs, such as staffing, equipment, and facility upgrades, based on patient volumes and needs.

Automated Follow-up
Patient Reminders
Care Plan Tracking
Customizable Templates
Data Analytics

How Hospitals are benefitted from PDC?

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