Digital Signage

Create slideshows and show them off on any networked display. Hardware not included 


  • Set up slides, channels (slideshows) and displays.
  • Choose from various Slide formats and Slide backgrounds.
  • Choose slide duration and transition effect.
  • Change the channel on a display when needed, or..
  • Schedule a temporary channel on a display.


  • Default: Displays a background only.
  • Text: Displays some text.
  • Post: Displays title, date and content of a post, and optionally the featured image.
  • Recent posts: Displays a slide for each recent post.
  • Event: Displays title and details of an event, with its featured image as default background
  • Upcoming events: Displays a slide for each upcoming event
  • External web page: Displays a web page to your liking.
  • PDF: Creates a slide for each page in an uploaded PDF, displaying that page contained within the slide.


  • Image: Displays an image, covering the entire slide background.
  • Video: Displays an uploaded or external video, or a specified fragment, as slide background.
  • YouTube: Displays a YouTube video, or a specified fragment, as slide background.

More features, slide formats and slide backgrounds are coming soon. Most notably advanced scheduling of channels and slides.